Automatic KN95 Disposable Mask Making Machine Non-woven Medical Surgical Mask Making Machine

1,function Introductionproduct size:kn95 standard worker:1 Feeding way:manualDischarging way:automatic  efficiency:40-50pcs/min                                                     

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1,function Introduction
  1. product size:kn95 standard 
  2. worker:1 
  3. Feeding way:manual
  4. Discharging way:automatic
  5.  efficiency:40-50pcs/min                                                                                                                                                                   5) 6) r       

2,productive process

  1. Manually place the raw materials on the rack;
  2. The worker opens the press roll in turn to put the raw material into the wire;
  3. The worker pressed the device start button;
  4. The equipment is made automatically according to the set procedure;
  5. Workers patrol the line to solve the problems in equipment operation;
  6. The worker went to the other side to change the full frame;
  7. When the raw materials are used up, the worker repeats the above operation process.



4,Brand of main components of the equipment:

Main equipment configuration
Linear slide railPBI 
Ball screwTBI 
pneumatic elementXINGCHEN 
Servo systemOmron 
PLC systemOmron 

5,Equipment installation environment requirements

1,Independent grounding, grounding to be reliable, grounding resistance less than 100 ohms;
2,Supply voltage: AC220 ±10% V;Frequency: 50±1Hz;Total power: about 12KW;
3,Ambient temperature: 0ºC~45ºC;Humidity: less than 90%;Moisture condensation cannot be caused within the temperature range;
4,Environment: avoid excessive dust and corrosive gases such as acid and alkali in the use environment;Avoid sun and rain to avoid affecting the performance of the equipment;
5,Install the equipment on a firm, reliable, non-deformable and flat concrete foundation to avoid installation in an abnormal vibration environment; 
6,Air supply requirements:
air pressure:0.5~0.8 M Pa ,Compressed air requirements dry, clean, not allowed to have oil mist, moisture, etc.
6,Delivery & training
1,The equipment can not be shipped until it passes the acceptance inspection. The transportation shall be undertaken by the buyer.
2,Equipment random technical data.
3.Demander's technical personnel can receive training at the supplier's manufacturing site or at demander's factory.
4.The training period of demander's personnel is 2 working days. 
No. Description qty note 
1 Equipment operation and maintenance manual 1 (Offer upon acceptance)


Equipment wearing parts list and drawing file


(Offer upon acceptance)


spare parts list

A list of spare parts provided to the buyer free of charge during the warranty period
(Offer upon acceptance)


electrical schematic diagram


electronic file(Offer upon acceptance)

Site installation and debugging

1,The buyer is responsible for the electrical and gas bus access of the equipment. 
2,On-site installation and debugging by the buyer, the supplier can be remotely guided. 
3,In the range of 3-5 meters around the installation of the equipment, the corresponding air source and power supply conforming to the equipment standards shall be provided.


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